a train by: glory and jesse
Mining Experts Site
A dangerous hideout!
LEGO® City: Undercover
Monster Jump
Building the Mountain Arrest!
Small Rubik's Cube
보털 플립 첼렌지
Off-road Chase
Mining Heavy Driller
City clip show
Bears and bricks!

Fun stuff

LEGOLAND Deep Sea Adventure
LEGO® City Mining Experts Site Unboxing - The Build Zone
Mountain Police Madness PART ONE!
Mountain Fugitives
Prison Island Interactive Video
My City 2 app
Mining Power Splitter
No brick like home
Digging up trouble!
Mountain River Heist
Mining Team

Stuff you'll love

Monster Truck
Crook versus cops…and the mountains!
Airshow Jet
Mammoth Meltdown Part 1 of 2 – LEGO® City Mini Movie
Real cop, real car, real net shooter!
Detective Tut (my sigfig)
Bj plays in the snow part 8
Ambulance Helicopter
Wild River Escape
Arctic Adventure Part 1 of 2 – LEGO® City Mini Movie
Arctic Vehicles: Quadrocopter
Speed Record Car
Arctic Animals: Polar Bear
Mammoth Meltdown Part 2 of 2 – LEGO® City Mini Movie
Arctic Animals: Saber-toothed tiger
Airshow Jet
Arctic animals: Woolly Mammoth
Bulldozer Break-in
Gold mine grief!
Have an Icy, Spooky, Halloween Holiday with the LEGO® Arctic Explorers!

Cool stuff

How to poop in the Arctic
Arctic Adventure Part 2 of 2 – LEGO® City Mini Movie
Could mammoths come back to life?

Stuff you’ll like

Jungle Rumble | Part 1
What to do if you meet a polar bear
LEGO® City 60174 Mountain Police Headquarters REVIEW by Brick Vault
Stopping the jailbreak!
LEGO® City Undercover (2017): Vehicles Trailer